New Year’s eve 2021 in Riga Islande Hotel

New Year’s eve 2021 in Riga Islande Hotel

12/31/2020 20:00 - 4:00
Welcome to the FUTURE
Riga Islande Hotel
Ķīpsalas iela 2, Ķīpsala,
Riga, Latvia
Price: from 130 EUR (per person)
Event in Latvian and Russian

We’d like to invite you to ISLANDE Hotel to celebrate a fun New Year's Eve 2020 party Welcome to the FUTURE, an incredible event with a fantasy atmosphere.

Humanity is on the verge of a virtual fantasy life... Things, which yesterday seemed incredible, turned into our realitynowadays! This is just the beginning! New technologies, robots, aliens and extraordinary experiments, so, welcome to the future!

To create an atmosphere of cosmic reality from the very beginning the robot will welcome guests and will beavailable to take pictures together with you!

Our professional bartender will serve the outer space drinks.

The absolute best of the best,a super entertainment for guests of all ages –EventPhotobox,an instant photo booth will work for you from the moment of starting until we finish in the morning! Each guest will receive unlimited thematic photo strips as a souvenir FREE!

Your guides to the future will be vibrant Artur Teniss and charming Tanya Rid, throughout the party they will create a festive mood, organise fun games and give presents! But before teleporting you should eat first. A varied and fancy gala dinner will await you.

A cocktail bar for friendly prices will work for you.

From the very beginning, we move to the fantastic science lab, where we will witness incredible chemical experiments that will be able to attract both adults and children.

2020 novelty! Throughout the New Year's Eve,the Anonymous Social Networkwill work for the participants of the party ONLY! You will be able to congratulate each other, to share positivity and to send photos, and all these activitieswill be displayed on large screens in the hall in real time!

Delightful plastic dancers in alien costumes will participate in The New Year's show program; you will be able to take pictures together to capture the moment.

You will have an opportunity to win gifts by participating in speed & endurance competitions and trying on motion sensors!

Throughout the party until 4 a.m., our intergalactic ranger DJ NiLs will put on music! Moreover, in order to succeed 110%, the hall will be equipped with the professional lighting equipment!

At midnight, those who wish to go outside will be able to enjoy how wonderful New Year's fireworks will light up skies of Riga.

2020 has come, and I’d like to ask you: “Are you ready to touch the future?” We will test the courage and reward guests for their fearless!

You will be able to see with your own eyes a friendly alien Valley, who will demonstrate his superpowers and abilities, because in the future it will be as easy to invite an alien as to invite a neighbour to come over for coffee now.

Finally, to consolidate our intergalactic friendship, we will dance a space flash mob with him! At the party, a professional photographer and videographer will shoot. Then you will be able to download photos and video clips from our website! Our party will be held in Russian and English!


New Year’s Eve is a family party, so take your children with you! For young guests there is a party table for kids, fun games and entertainment together with a professional animator in a separate room.

Order tickets by phone: +371 27167370 (Viber, WhatsApp)
or e-mail:

Address:Riga, 2 Kipsalas Str., LV-1048
Phone:+371 27167370

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