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Restaurant Kompots (0)

Restaurant KompotsKompots is a restaurant which harmoniously combined Odessa, Jewish and Ukrainian cuisine. Sweet and savory pies with various stuffing, casseroles, homestyle breakfast and local sausages, which any meat-eaters should definitely relish! Soups and pickles, as well as delicious salads, and so much more: from cabbage to mincemeat. More...

Restaurant Kādreiz Odesā (0)

Restaurant Kādreiz OdesāOdessa cuisine - it is an incredible combination of dishes from around the world, made with touch of local culture. The menu contains of famous Jewish dishes like mincemeat or gefilte fish, and certainly it could not go without Ukrainian flavor. You should definitely try the soup with cilantro and horseradish, which is served with freshly baked dark (called borodinsky) bread!  More...