Boutique Hotel Light House


Boutique Hotel Light House

Boutique Hotel Light House

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The wonder of nature and creation of human hands miraculously unites into a charming harmony here in Jurmala.
One of such works of creative design is the Boutique hotel, the Light House. Saying that it is located next to the seashore, means saying nothing. The hotel is located right on the beach: so there is a single step to make from the guestroom to step into the golden sand of the beach of Jurmala.
The architecture of the hotel edifice  is a kind of reminiscence of a navigating ship, and not only outside, but inside, as well  as. Everything is conventionalized to look like a real sailing ship: there is a huge fireplace in the form of a ship furnace in the hall, there are deck lamps, beams and rigging, iron doors with portholes and a huge aquarium with exotic inhabitants of the deep sea, is adding to the atmosphere of a real voyage.
All guestrooms have a well equipped and convenient kitchen, where you can prepare light breakfast, or enjoy your evening tea while admiring the sunset. The bathrooms exemplifies the state-of-the-art technology and style. Not only you can take the shower or bath, but also listen to the music and order Champaign to the room while enjoying the jaccusi.
The panoramic windows of all eleven guestrooms open the view of the sea, and you can enjoy the marine landscape without geting up from your bed. You can have sweet dreams and indulge in reverie under the calming sound of the waves,  with the pine trees flavor in the air, which is so fresh and clean to breath; the dawns and sunsets take over the sky and they are so vivid, that makes you start versifying. Here is the small slice of paradise at the edge of the world!

Address:1a Gulbenes str., Jurmala, Dzintari, on the beach. LV-2015
Phone:+371 67511445
Site:home page

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