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Boutique hotel MaMa

Boutique hotel MaMa

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A place for people whose inspiration came from their happy dreams…
Boutique hotel in Majori, the center of Jurmala, 5 min. walk to the beach. Opened in year 2008. The building reflects the tendencies of contemporary architecture and charmingly fits into the landscape of Jurmala. One can see from the hotel the sun rising over the river and hear the pines rustling in the seaside dunes.
The interior can be characterized as unusual – touched by an elegant irony and contemporary lifestyle – where the dreams of happy human beings are enacted in the interplay of different forms of design.
Pamper yourself in extraordinary feelings!
The hotel includes a reception area, roof terrace, restaurant, outdoor terrace and personnel speaking in the English and Russian languages.
Guest Rooms - Contemporary lifestyle and unusual interior made in elegant forms of design. The bathrooms have heated floors and a warm towel dryer. When you feel tired from the sun, wind or – overwhelmingly – from happiness, you can help yourself by fixing a drink or snacks at the kitchen equipped with modern appliances and, hardly hearing the quiet humming of the air conditioners, abandon yourself to daydreaming. Here you can choose – either to connect to the world over the internet, or to enter into a quest for a fundamental answer by contemplating a flower over the bed.
The hotel offers 7 guest rooms.

Address:Street Tirgonu 22, Majori, Jurmala Latvia LV – 2015
Phone:+371 67761271
Site:home page

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