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Hotel Europa Royale Riga

Hotel Europa Royale Riga  

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Euro­pa Roy­a­le ­Riga ­hotel ­is loca­ted ­in ­the ­heart ­of ­Riga, ­in ­the luxu­rio­us 19­th cen­tu­ry buil­ding over­lo­oking ­a ­quiet, pic­tu­resque Ver­man's ­Park. ­The Ben­ja­min ­House ­where ­the ­hotel ­is loca­ted ­is ­a ­well-known cul­tu­ral monu­ment ­which ­was ­fully res­to­red ­and recon­struc­ted ­in ­the ­same cha­rac­ter. ­The excep­tio­nal cen­tral loca­tion ­of ­the ­hotel ­makes ­it ­very attrac­ti­ve ­for lei­su­re ­and busi­ness tra­ve­lers. Busi­nes­spe­o­ple ­will ­find the­msel­ves ­in ­the ­close vici­ni­ty ­of ­the poli­ti­cal ­and busi­ness ­district. ­Old ­Riga ­and Natio­nal ­Opera ­House ­can ­be ­reached ­in ­few minu­tes.

Shop­ping stre­ets ­and ­main pla­ces ­of inte­rest ­are ­close ­by. ­Total 60 ­rooms ­and ­suites. ­Due ­to ­the ­Hotel‘s ­unique archi­tec­tu­re, ­rooms fea­tu­re ­a vari­e­ty ­of loca­tions ­and lay­outs. ­Each ­room ­is com­for­tab­le ­and ele­gan­tly fur­nished, offe­ring ­a ­view ­to Ver­man's ­Park ­or ­Hotels cour­ty­ard. ­The ­Hotels ­most remar­ka­ble gues­tro­oms ­are roman­tic Wed­ding ­Suite ­for ­newlyweds ­with ­a ­king ­sized ­bed ­and ­a luxu­rio­us ­Royal ­Suite ­with ­a sepa­ra­te ­living ­area, ­a wor­king ­area, ­a mar­ble bathro­om ­and ­a ­large pri­va­te mee­ting ­room. ­

There ­are 5 Con­fe­ren­ce & Banqu­e­ting ­Halls ­which ­can accom­mo­da­te ­up ­to 80 peo­ple the­at­re ­style ­and ­up ­to 250 recep­tion ­style. ­Each ­hall, equip­ped ­with ­modern con­fe­ren­ce equip­ment, rema­i­ned ­its ori­gi­nal ­style ­and luxu­ry. Luxu­rio­us Ben­ja­mins Res­tau­rant ­is deco­ra­ted ­with ori­gi­nal chan­de­li­ers ­and fire­pla­ces ­that rema­i­ned ­in ­the ­halls ­from the 19­th cen­tu­ry. ­An award win­ning res­tau­rant's ­chief ­offers tra­dit­io­nal Euro­pe­an cui­si­ne ­with ­a con­tem­po­ra­ry ­twist. ­Lobby ­Bar com­bi­nes ­cozy atmosphe­re ­with his­to­ric ele­gan­cy. ­Park ­Cafe ­will ­be situ­a­ted ­on ­the Ter­ra­ce ­facing ­the ­Park.

Address:12 Kr. Barona Str., Riga, LV 1050
Phone:+371 6707 9444
Site:home page

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