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"Kon­ven­ta ­Sēta" (Con­vent ­Court) ­is ­a his­to­ric com­plex loca­ted ­in ­the ­heart ­of ­Old ­Riga. Leisure travelers may hardly find a better stay than in this three star hotel. "Kon­ven­ta ­Sēta" repres­ents ­a ­unique com­plex ­of 9 medi­e­val buil­dings main­ta­i­ning ­an atmosphe­re ­of ­the 14­th - 16­th cen­tu­ri­es ­and offe­ring ­a ­wide ­range ­of ­all ­modern con­ve­ni­en­ces ­in ­its 141 ­guest ­rooms.

Rea­so­nab­ly pri­ced sin­gles, doub­les, ­mini ­suites ­and ­suites ­have ­a ­cable ­TV, ­direct ­dial ­phone, ­suite bathro­oms ­with ­your cho­i­ce ­of ­shower ­or ­bath ­with ­a hair­dry­er. ­Mini ­suites ­have lar­ger ­room ­area ­with ­a com­for­tab­le ­sofa ­in ­the ­place ­of ­rest. ­For particular guests the hotel offers suites with two rooms or two-storied suite apartments. Apart­ments ­have ­a ­small kitchen­et­te ­for ­stay ­on ­a ­long - ­term ­basis. ­

The hotel offers rooms for non-smokers as well. Several rooms have retained ancient wooden joists and other elements of the past which help hotel guests to experience the charm of the Middle Ages. "Kon­ven­ta ­Sēta" offers 6 well-appointed conference and banqueting rooms. ­A guar­ded par­king ­lot ­near ­the ­hotel ­is ­also avai­la­ble. ­The hotel offers original meals and a unique dining experience in the restaurant "Raibais Balodis" as well as to try a wide assortment of drinks at the bar "Melnais Balodis".

Breakfast is not included in the price, but available in the hotel's cafe. VAT included.

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