Hotel Kungu ligzda


Hotel Kungu ligzda

Hotel Kungu ligzda

I­n Bau­ska, ­near Meme­le ­just open­ed ­a new ­hotel "­Kungu lig­zda". ­There ­is gent­le ­and cud­dly ambi­en­ce ­and ­at ­any ­time ­you ­will ­be wel­co­me. The buil­ding ­of "­Kungu lig­zda" ­is ­not ­set ­newly. ­This ­house ­was ­build at the ­end ­of the 18. cen­tu­ry ­and ­now ­it ­is res­to­red.­ In the ­hotel ­remain ele­ments ­of ­art nou­ve­au, bal­co­ny ­and ­stairs from ­old ­time.­

At ­the ­moment the ­hotel ­offers 10 two - se­a­ted apart­ments. 3 ­of ­them ­are luxu­ry. Apart­ment ­rent ­begins ­from 7 ­Ls (­per ­each per­son), bre­ak­fast ­and par­king included ­in ­price. Pres­ent­ly the ­hotel pre­pa­res ­for thre­e-star cate­go­ry reci­pi­en­cy. ­There ­are apart ­ments, ­where ­can ­stay ­from ­two ­to ­four per­sons. ­In a luxu­ry apart­ment ­is pos­si­ble ­to ­eat bre­ak­fast ­on a bal­co­ny ­with out­lo­ok ­towards ­the ­river. ­

In ­all apart­ments ­are a lit­tle ­kitchen ­with a frid­ge ­and a ­mini - bar. ­In stan­dard apart­ments ­are bathro­oms ­with ­shower ­stalls, ­but ­in luxu­ry apart­ments ­are com­for­tab­le ­baths. A car ­you ­can ­park ­in par­king ­place, ­which ­is loca­ted ­in the ­yard.

The res­tau­rant "­Kungu lig­zda" ­offers ­an oppor­tu­ni­ty ­to ­relish ­tasty ­meals ­and ­pass ­time ­in a roman­tic atmosphe­re ­or ­enjoy ­it ­near the ­river ­in a sum­mer ter­ra­ce. ­In the res­tau­rant ­is pos­si­ble ­to orga­ni­ze celeb­ra­tions, ­birthday par­tys, nup­ti­als ­and banqu­ets.

"­Kungu lig­zda" offers ­you ­and ­your fri­ends ­to ­play rus­si­an ­pool ­and ­visit rus­si­an ­bathhouse, fin­nish ­bath ­and swim­ming ­pool, ­which ­is ­of the hotel an indo­ors. ­In a base­ment ­are the beer - cel­lar  ­with ­three ­halls: a hun­ter ­hall, a fisher­man ­hall ­and an ­antique ­hall.

­In the beer - cel­lar is enought ­place ­­for a ­big fri­end com­pa­ny! The con­fe­ren­ce ­hall ­in ­the hotel ­is ­for 70 per­sons.

Bed in hostel type (shower, WC)  EUR 12 
Double room (shower, WC, TV) EUR 35-80 
Luxe apartments (TV, bath, WC mini-bar)  EUR 85-100 
Hall  EUR 22 per hour  

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Address:41 Rigas Str., Bauska, LV-3901
Phone:+37128686828; +37128471280
Site:home page

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Henryk Baranek
Posts: 2
Reply #2 on : Sat June 04, 2011, 00:08:00
I shall be glad if you could kindly reserve for me one double room for one night July,8, 2011. I should be most grate ful if you send me details of the price.

with kind regards
Henryk Baranek
Posts: 2
Powerful message an
Reply #1 on : Sun October 25, 2015, 05:09:30
Powerful message and very beauitful to look at too Jan. The light seen here is as piercing as a laser and could cut through anything. Sometimes our masks fall off when we least expect it, but how quickly we scramble to find them, and put them back on. When we choose to go beyond them, we have undertaken a very courageous odyssey indeed. Your art is so expressive of you!!