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On ­a ­quiet Skolas stre­et, ­in ­the buil­ding ­which ­was ­built ­at ­the begin­ning ­of pre­vio­us cen­tu­ry ­the ­Hotel "Lai­ne" wel­co­mes ­its ­guests alre­a­dy ­for 14 ­years. ­The ­Hotel "­Laine" pro­vi­des fires­ide com­fort ­in apart­ments ­in Scan­di­na­vi­an ­style ­and busi­ness ­class ­rooms.

­You ­can ­relax ­in Jacuz­zi ­and ­enjoy ­the fabu­lous ­view ­on ­Old ­Riga's spi­res ­from ­the bal­co­ny ­of ­your ­de ­lux apar­t­ments. ­You ­can ­have din­ner ­at ­the sum­mer veran­da ­of ­our res­tau­rant, ­which ­is situ­a­ted ­on ­the 3­d ­floor ­of ­the ­hotel ­above ­tops ­of ­trees. "­Laine" ­offers ­you tra­dit­io­nal Euro­pe­an cui­si­ne, ­as ­well ­as ­dishes ­of Lat­vian natio­nal cui­si­ne ­and ­dishes ­made ­on ­the ­grill ­and ­also ­a ­huge cho­i­ce ­of excel­lent ­wines.­ We ­offer ­a ­small con­fe­ren­ce ­room ­for ­our ­guests ­with com­pu­ters ­and inter­net con­nec­tion.

Pro­fes­sio­nal ­staff pro­vi­des qua­li­ty ser­vi­ce ­in ­our ­hotel, ­that's ­why ­you ­can ­trust ­us ­to orga­ni­ze ­your banqu­ets, con­fe­ren­ces ­and cof­fee bre­aks. ­The North-Euro­pe­an roman­tic ­hotel "Lai­ne" smi­les ­at ­you ­with ­Riga's ­parks, archi­tec­tu­re ­of ­Modern ­style ­and ­Old ­Town.

Address:11 Skolas Str., Riga, LV - 1010
Phone:+ 371 67288816
Site:home page

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