Recreation complex Ezerkrasts


Recreation complex Ezerkrasts

Recreation complex Ezerkrasts

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Just in 7 km from Riga on the beach of the lake "Sunishi" is situated the unique rest-complex "Ezerkrasts". Nature and fresh air. The deep and clear lake "Sunishi". The Lake and the Complex are historically bound up with legendary "fancier of true stories" - baron fon Mynhauzen. Austrian interior and service's style. Original design and charm.
Facilities for rest in "Ezerkrasts":
- Hotel

  • 21 rooms ( for 45 persons). Unusual aura, cosiness and cleanliness.
  • All types of communication and connections, TV (50 channels)
  • Special summer terrace - solarium for guests. So nicely to relax and sunbathe.

- Restaurant "Ezerkrasts".

  • Up to 130 persons.
  • Summer terrace with the view to the Sunishi Lake.
  • It is an ideal place not only for individual rest, but for family dinners, conferences or big banquets and «hangouts».
  • Open from 10.00 to 24.00 and prior to the last client.
  • Excellent European kitchen and cooks.

Democratic prices.

  • On weekend - live music and entertainment evenings.
  • Grill-cafe on the beach: juicy shashliks, stakes and branded beer!

- Conference-hall.

  • Condition.
  • Up to 70 participants.
  • All the necessary technical equipment.
  • Ideal facility for effective training and conference

- Russian bath on firewood and with brooms.

  • Separate territory with well-conditioned beach, path to water and area for active rest.
  • Chargrill, awning, tables - all for shashliks.
  • Inside: rest hall for 20 persons with fireplace.
  • Possibility to order all you need from restaurant and bar.

- Rest-territory.
Sun and glorious lake! Well-conditioned single beach with white sand, territory, well-furnished for an active rest and sports grounds - all for pleasant pastime. Special arranged place for children bathing and playing, small zoo.
In "Ezerkrasts" 24 hours per day are glad to see you!
In "Ezerkrasts" you are waited!

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Address:15-19 Ezerkrasta Str., Riga area, Garkalnes parish, Sunisi, LV-2137
Phone:+371 67346990
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