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Gastrobārs T73

Gastrobārs T73 is the newest catering establishment of the Restau-Rateur group.

Gastrobārs T73 was created according to a new, unique and modern concept, offering its visitors more than 20 different breakfast meals every day and during any time of the day (working hours: 00:00–24:00). We have the largest breakfast selection in Riga! However, the menu is not limited only to breakfast, as we have also thought about those who like to enjoy a proper lunch and an exquisite dinner. On Fridays and Saturdays one can enjoy live music, DJ performances and party until the first breakfast that will inspire and lift you up for a new and wonderful day!

Gastrobārs T73 – a complete foodgasm!

Classic niçoise salad
(seared tuna, salad leaves, French beans, quail eggs, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, anchovies)
10,80 EUR

T73 burger “The Beast”
(beef patty, bacon, potato rosti, mushroom salsa, pickled onions, melted cheese)
12,50 EUR
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  • Mon–Sun: 00:00–24:00


  • 65


  • Banquet service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Live music
  • Business lunch
  • Free parking
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Address:73 Tērbatas Street, Riga
Phone:+ 371 67737373
Site:home page

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