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Restaurant Kolumbs

Restaurant Kolumbs


... enjoy, revealing the taste -
in its nuances
Just wish and the restaurant of "HOTEL KOLUMBS" will provide You with:
  • 24 seats in the restaurant hall,
  • 6 seats at the restaurant bar,
  • two levelled banquet/ seminar hall for up to 80 persons,
  • billiard bar with two billiard tables and comfortable relaxation on chesterfields,
  • "Sky" bar for consistently peaceful and undisturbed discussions for up to
    25 persons,
  • complete service for Your preferable arrangement, at Your chosen place and time.
Just wish and we will serve to realise it - You are welcomed in the
restaurant of "HOTEL KOLUMBS".

Thick soup of coconut milk and curry with chilli pike perch and tiger shrimps
Medallions of cod fillet stuffed with tiger shrimps and served with potato and dills and pesto sauce  
Orange mouselini served in sugar vase  

Every day from 12.00 - 23.00

Restaurant 24+6
Banquet hall - 80

Business lunch every working day 12.00-15.00;
We organise and service banquets and seminars, individual attention to every customer. 

Logo Restaurant Kolumbs
Address:32 Kursu Str., Liepaja
Phone:(+371) 634 255 77
Site:home page

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