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Restaurant Majorenhoff

Restaurant Majorenhoff

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The Restaurant "Majorenhoff" is located in the very heart of a resort town - Jurmala. You can enjoy a rich dinner or arrange a romantic evening and take great enjoyment in relaxation with various cocktails here. In our restaurant you will be offered a special cocktail list, where you will find more than 120 kinds of cocktails for every taste. As well as a great variety of dishes, which are made on a grill. Enjoy a warm welcome and cosiness of the restaurant "Majorenhoff"!

Shashlik from salmon and tiger shrimps with fried boiled potatoes
Fried pork loin in garlic
with fried chestnuts, Chateau potatoes and cherry potatoes
Salad with beef tongue
  • 10.00 - last guest


  • 60 seats
  • 120 seats - summer terrace


  • CD music
  • Live music in weekend
  • Outdoor banquets
  • We take orders for banquets, birthday's and corporate parties
  • Discounts for regular customers

Logo Restaurant Majorenhoff
Address:42 Jomas Str., Majori, Jurmala
Phone:+371 67764060
Site:home page

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