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Restaurant Zelta pakavs


 Restaurant Zelta pakavs

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We are glad to see you at our table. Understanding that you have to be entertained, surprised, charmed and well-fed. We operate for eight years and are thought to be an oasis in the megapolis. Here you can stroll along the paths, listen to the water running and wash off the "labour dust" from your body in sauna. While children enjoy the playground. We are sure that having visited us once, you shall become a regular customer.
NEW! You will be able to relax with pleasure and to taste dishes of Japanese cuisine, which were made by professional cooks from Japan, in a special room which is made in original Japanese style.

Special salad "Obzhorka" - roasted vegetables with boiled beef slices
Beef fillet steak fried as by a "merchant" with golden onion on a grumbling frying pan  
Passionate and burny Caucasian lamb meat shashlik  


  • Every day from 11.00 till 23.00


  • 150 person
  • 300 person in summer


  • Live music thu/sun
  • Free parking for 35 cars
  • Discount cards
  • Smoking/non-smoking areas
  • Banquets for children with special kids menu
  • Catering
  • Banquet premises
  • Russian bath for
  • 25 person
  • Children's room
  • 16 types of shashlik

Logo Restaurant Zelta pakavs
Address:80 Jurmalas gatve Str., Riga
Phone:+ 371 67403313
Site:home page

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