SPA Hotel Usma


SPA Hotel Usma

SPA Hotel Usma

SPA Hotel Usma - t's a quali­ty and comfort of countryside hospitality! In between Riga and Ventspils ­in Kur­ze­mes forest -si­de ­at ­the ­bank ­of ­Usmas ­lake ­there ­you ­will ­be wai­ting ­a lei­su­re com­plex - SPA ­Hotel ­"Usma" ­and ­"Usmas cam­ping".

­You ­can arran­ge ­a con­fe­ren­ces, ­you ­can ­make ­your ­health bet­ter ­and ­spend ­a roman­tic holi­da­ys, ­also ­relax ­with ­your fami­ly.­ SPA ­Hotel ­"Usma" ­offers ­a shel­ter ­for ­the ­night ­for ­about 30 per­sons.

Bre­ak­fast ­and swim­ming -­ pool ­with exer­cise ­units ­in ­the mor­ning ­are inc­lu­ded ­in ­price ­for over­night ­stay.­ The Cam­ping ­can accom­mo­da­te ­up ­to 150 ­guests. ­The Cam­ping ­offers dif­fe­rent rec­re­a­tion pos­si­bi­lit­ies.

­Camp ­sites, trai­ler par­king avai­la­ble, 56 ­bed pla­ces, dif­fe­rent acti­ve rec­re­a­tion faci­lit­ies. ­The Cam­ping ­is open­ed ­from 1­st ­May ­to 1­st Octo­ber. ­In ­SPA ­Hotel ­Usma com­plex ­you ­will ­get:

  • SPA mas­sa­ge
  • Swim­ming-po­ol(6x11m) ­with cas­ca­de, back-stre­am, underwa­ter mas­sa­ges;
  • Cold ­pool;
  • 3 dif­fe­rent bathes-ste­am ­baths ­with ­color the­ra­py, ­music ­and ­with fra­gran­ce ­of euca­ly­ptus. ­Soft ­and ­wet ­aroma ­baths ­with ­honey ­aroma ­and clas­si­cal ­sauna;
  • Showers - Tro­pi­cal, "Mid­night ­rain" ­and „­Polar ­wink".


Breakfast and swimming - pool with exercise units in the morning are included in price for overnight stay.  

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Address:"Priežkalni", Usma parish, Ventspils district, Latvia, LV-3619
Phone:+371 63673654; +371 26334500
Site:home page

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There is no lonelier
Reply #2 on : Sun October 25, 2015, 06:25:05
There is no lonelier road than iontvaoinn and/or early adoption and SMCSLC & USMA are both. When you stick your neck out for something you envision and believe strongly in, you are wide open for the slings and arrows of the naysayers and the short-sighted.As someone who has been involved with non-profits for years, serving on boards and with events of all kinds and sizes, I have to say SMCSLC has it together! No one can even begin to imagine what it takes to put even small meetings together and do it well, without having done it and every month we have had great things to do, through SMCSLC. I really appreciate all your efforts! I have learned applicable things each time I've come to a meeting and have been able to meet amazing people, I'm connected to on-line. And those who supported USMA are my heroes for life~! Thank you all for a first great year!And I look forward to working with the bright and caring volunteers we already have for 2010 USMA!
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