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Sanatorium Belorusija (0)


Sanatorium BelorusijaUnique opportunity of restoration and strengthening of health, on the largest resort of Baltic long since known for the curative factors - a soft climate, the sea, curative air, medical dirties and mineral waters. More...

Health-Resort Rehabilitation centre Jaunķemeri (1)

Health-Resort Rehabilitation centre JaunķemeriRes­ort Reha­bi­li­ta­tion cen­ter ­is loca­ted ­in Jur­ma­la, 35 ­km ­away ­from ­Riga, ­in ­the pinewo­od ­at ­the ­dune ­zone ­of ­the ­Riga ­Gulf, sur­roun­ded ­by ­three ­lakes. ­RRC "Jaunķemeri" ­is a unique, ­because ­there are 3 cura­ti­ve fac­tors-bal­ne­o­lo­gic the­ra­py, ­mud tre­at­ment ­and cli­ma­tothe­ra­py ­are com­bi­ned. More...