Seaside Resort Captain’s Haven


Seaside Resort Captain’s Haven

Seaside Resort Captain’s Haven

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If you are tired from the hasty daily routine and would like to get away from the city hustle, then we can help to hold back the time for a while and enjoy the magic of Captain’s Haven on the very shore of the Baltic sea 100 km from Riga.

Seaside Resort Captain’s Haven offers:
• Seaside Resort and Restaurant
• Cottages for families
• Place for summer sports and camps
• Place for your birthday,
  celebration and wedding
• Seminar and business meeting place
• SPA relaxation and sauna
• Sea and sailing
• Yacht-club and summer terrace

Address:49a Pernavas str., Salacgriva, Salacgriva district LV-4033, Latvia
Phone:+371 64024930, +371 64024936
Site:home page

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