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In 1856 and in 1857 a new project of Riga was developed under the management of the first Riga city architect Johann Daniel Felsko and a year later Emperor Alexander II confirmed the intention to create an arc of boulevard instead of the fortification wall, that wound along the canal and surrounded the city. Already at that time Johann Daniel Felsko had planned to create a recreation area for the citizens along the canal bank.

The curves of the city canal still slightly recall the contours of the former fortification, its length is 3.2 km with 16 bridges of different-width and its banks are surrounded by the greenery of the canal side, which have been planted starting from the middle of the 19th century till nowadays.

Along the facilitation works of the canal side, which date back to the middle of the 19th century, the Gardener’s Cottage was built at approximately the same time. It served its purpose till the late 80ies of the 20th century, but for the last 25 years it had been forgotten, until in 2013 work on the restoration of the Gardener’s Cottage was begun under the management of architect Vita Škapare. Now the cottage has regained its romantic initial appearance and in autumn 2016 the café “Kasdārzā” was opened in its premises, providing an opportunity for the residents and guests of the city to enjoy the amazing canal scenery both in winter and in summer and to engage in a game.

KASDĀRZĀ is a game. Both literally and figuratively. Our game started, when carefully restoring the historic gardener's cottage and creating its interior. To our great delight many have got involved in this game, because many of our friends gift us various small items, which make this cottage so warm and cosy. We also play with music. In the evenings, accompanied by DJ sets especially prepared for us, the supple play of the skilful hands of bartenders create special cocktails, and it might be exactly here in KAZDĀRZĀ, where you see something you have never seen before in the eyes of a beautiful stranger.

KASDĀRZĀ also continues to play in the kitchen. It continues, supplying fresh vegetables from a farm in the outskirts of Tukums and from a vegetable farm in Ķekava. It goes on inquiring hunters from Kandava and Ventspils district and fishermen from Salacgrīva in order to get the best that the land, forests and waters of Latvia provide. And then our chefs start working their magic around the pots and pans, and in the end the gifts of nature begin their games of flavour on our tongues in their boundless variety.

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