Excursion in Jaunpils castle

Jaunpils castle

Duration of an excursion - 8-10 hours.

Jaunpils castle is one of the rare medieval castles that have preserved its historical look (it is located in Tukums district). The castle was built in 1301 by Livonia Order master Gottfried Fon Riga. Nowadays at the palace, which is surrounded by water from three sides, there is Jaunpils social life. The picturesque landscape and social life folklore is a background for sideshows meant for tourists. Together with monks, jesters, lords of manor and servants you will have possibility to become a real medieval hero.

Jaunmoku Castle

On the homeward journey tourists will visit Jaunmoka - it is a venatory palace of George Armistead, who was a mayor of Riga. It is an architectural masterpiece of Latvia.

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