Excursion in Sigulda

Excursion in Sigulda

Start at 10.00 am
Guided tours to Sigulda

55 euro per person.
Duration of the tour 5 or 6 hours

To sign up for a tour please send an inquiry to: lattravel@lattravel.lv
or call: +371 27167370

The town of Sigulda is the center of the Gauja national park. It's not without reason Sigulda is called Latvian Switzerland - it is unforgettable for its beauty nature, the unique river Gauja, picturesque river-valley with caves and ravines, historical places, the Turaida Museum Reserve with a medieval castle and a manor, the ruins of the Sigulda castle. Modern Sigulda is the centre of mountain skiing and bobsleigh. It is located in northeast part of Latvia 50 km far from Riga.

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Booking excursions on the phone: +371 27167370
Booking excursions on the e-mail: lattravel@lattravel.lv

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Posts: 2
Reply #2 on : Thu July 12, 2012, 19:45:30
Hola buenas tardes. Me gustaria reservar para 4 personas la excursión a Segulda para el día 26 de Julio. Muchas gracias
Tony Luu
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Sigulda excursion
Reply #1 on : Thu October 24, 2013, 19:51:31

My name is Tony and I am spending my vacation time here in Latvia. Do you have any organized excursions to Sigulda soon? I currently do not have a working mobile phone but if you have an tourism office in Riga, I would like to come in in person.