Excursions in Riga and Old Riga

Excursions in Riga and Old Riga

Sightseeing tours of Riga's Old Town
starting at 12pm.

The 2-hour walking around Old Town tours for groups –
25 Euro per person.

To sign up for a tour please send an inquiry to: lattravel@lattravel.lv
or call: +371 27167370

3 hours of bus-walking tour

Riga is the largest city among 3 Baltic capitals; it is the biggest political, administrative, industrial, science and cultural centre of the country. The whole territory of the city (approximately 307 square kilometres) is located in a valley of river Daugava near the Riga Bay. There are located districts of the city along the river bank. Riga was located in 1201 and in the 13th century became the important trade and business "bridge" between the East and the West as the city of the Hanseatic League.
Romanesque style, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism as well as all the following styles, which formed the layout of modern Riga. Riga is called the capital of northern Modern. There are 160 monuments of architecture in the city. In 1997 the central part of Riga was included in the list of the heritage of humanity UNESCO.

During the walking tour through Old Riga, which duration is approximately 2 hours, you will find out what houses and streets of the Old Riga are confabulating, you will get acquainted with various architectural monuments of medieval (Three Brother's House, St. Peter's church, the Powder Tower, Dome cathedral and other interesting monuments) The story of a guide will remind you a fairytale...According to desires our tourists can attend cosy cafe or try out Rigas balsam.

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Booking excursions on the phone: +371 27167370
Booking excursions on the e-mail: lattravel@lattravel.lv

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