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The finest groceries along with excellent beverages and meals prepared with love and mastery are the standards that define the quality of Gastronome! A unique seafood menu and a wide range of different fish dishes are available for your choice. More than 10 types of oysters and more than 20 different types of fish and seafood are available every day. White fish from the Arctic Ocean, prawns from the Madagascar coast, lobsters from Canada, octopus from Senegal and other seafood is already waiting for you!

As the Gastronome delicatessen store is located right next to it, the grill bar Gastronome also offers a unique opportunity to choose fresh fish or seafood right from the store showcase or a lobster from the aquarium, which will be prepared before your very eyes on the grill and served in the grill bar upon advising with a Chef assistant. If you are a lover of sophisticated alcoholic drinks, you will be pleasantly surprised that you can also choose from a wide selection of the Gastronome store - more than 900 different drinks available!

Special events of the Gastronome grill bar have gained enormous popularity, such as several course dinners, dinner with a sommelier, oysters and wine events, dinner with a chef's master class, lobster dinner, brunch and other events, the menu of which is made by one of the most talented chefs of Riga, Member of the Board of the Latvian Chefs' Club, a winner of the Baltic Culinary Star Club silver medal award, the Gastronome Grill Bar Chef - Jevgenijs Ponomarjovs. His performance is highly appreciated by the world-renowned restaurant critic Andy Hayler. However, the best is that casual atmosphere is still prevailed in the grill bar Gastronome, which has been naturally created by the visitors for years!

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Address:68a Krasta street, Riga
Phone:+371 67019619
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