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The charm of St. Peter’ s Church is so magnetic thus attracting many visitors in this glamorous area where is located a large number of restaurants.
The Restaurant „Pētergailis” is a marvelo-us exeption, open since 1978. Above all, it keeps stable and secure position in the niche in spite of all the governmental changes. You can be suprised by such an amazing collection of cocks over the bar, as well the design and interior  of this place is cosy.

The success key of The Restaurant „Pētergailis” is the delicious meals served with acceptable prices. The Menu is clasic with lot of original „Pētergailis” meals. We offer meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and chef’s special meal every day.

Dark green walls are covered by historical photos of the Skārņu Street and suroundings dated with 1937, windows are decorated by colourful and authentic stained glass. All the above mentioned is finely combined, organic, live, breathing and justify the name of the restaurant.

Pork fillet
with baked vegetables,
cherry tomatoes and orange demi-glace 

Pork chop 
with green cheese cap
and potatoe mash cake

Fried ice cream
with fruits and rum
  • 10:00 till 24:00


  • 40


  • Celebrations
  • Banquets
  • Catering
  • Lunch delivery
Logo Restaurant Pētergailis
Address:25 Skarnu street, Riga, LV-1050
Located between St.John’s &St.Peter’s churches
Phone:+ 371 67212888, +371 29240866
Site:home page

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