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The restaurant ROZENGRĀLS is located in the centre of Old Riga on the Rozena Street. These premises were mentioned in the scripts in 1293 as the most ancient wine-vault and festival place of the Riga City Council!

In the largest room of the restaurant with a 4-meter high arches is still the only well in Riga and medieval fragment of the first defensive wall, built in 1201!

In 5 halls, in a medieval atmosphere at the same time we will be able to regale 150 guests with exquisite dishes prepared according to old recipes! Follow the life of the restaurant and special offers.

Jacques de Molay`s favorite salad
Salad for Jacques De Molay, the Great Magister of the Order of Knights Templars, was made of roast beef, salad leaves, “Parmesan” cheese seasoned with wine vinegar
12,60 EUR

Oven baked Dorado in caper and mustard sauce
Onaker, the bishop of Auxerre, was a famous gourmand and this dish was one of his favorites (6th century)
17,70 EUR

Baked lamb shank
This dish was served at the feast on the occasion of the enthronement of Elizabeth Tudor. The Queen of England was astonished by deliciously cooked lamb shank
22,70 EUR

Pumpkin pie
Jauffret de Fleuris, personal treasurer of the King of France Philippe V, was delighted by this dessert (14th century)
2,70 EUR
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Address:Rozena 1, Rīga, Latvija
Phone:+371 67220356
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