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Restaurant Uzbekistan Jurmala

Restaurant Uzbekistan Jurmala

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If we spin the terrestrial globe before our eyes, everyone could find a place on it where they dream to go to or where they really want to return. A place where pages of history and traditions are full of contrasts, just like patterns on the ethnical fabrics, the brightness of which can be estimated only by seeing the entire abundance of the colors palette. "Uzbekistan" is that kind of place. And this concerns not only the country of Uzbekistan, but also its small piece that we have now in Latvia. A place where coziness is created by infinitely kind and heartful people, where the highest expression of respect is to fill the tea cup (tea bowl) up to one-third. Not because of greed, but with a thought that the slower the tea is drunk, the longer you will stay. It means that you are an interesting companion and a welcome guest. Don't be surprised if you’d meet an Uzbek chef on your way, who will welcome you with such open arms that you might think that he is your relative! This is the Uzbek mentality and hospitality; an assurance that a guest must leave this cozy place at least a little happier.

In some way the "Uzbekistan" restaurant is the capital of Asian gastronomy, a place where you can enjoy the excellent cuisine of Central Asia. In addition, along with the good food you can get an esthetic pleasure brought by specific interior and atmosphere of the restaurant. In the menu you will find a wide variety of the Uzbek cuisine dishes; their delightful flavor would be highly evaluated by any chef of many renowned restaurants. Mutton sandwich cake (samosa) melts in the mouth, and its juice gives the finest nuances of taste. Mutton shashlik cooked by Uzbeks will convince you that the true shashlik can be made only by Uzbek – that’s why the whole team of chefs has arrived from far Uzbekistan. If you wish, you can watch the cooks and cooking of your dishes on an open fire. In return, the pride of the restaurant and of any Uzbek - pilaf – will be brought out and served for you by the chef de cuisine himself. Don't forget to look into his eyes at that moment; you'll surely notice the Uzbek kindness that we have mentioned. The one that cannot be expressed by words, but can be read in the eyes. Try the Uzbek bread - tandoor flatbread. It is being made by a special baker, master in his field, and this process cannot be entrusted to anyone else, not even to the chef de cuisine. Besides, as you know, bread is strength and life, and if you try at least a piece of the Uzbek bread, than the energy, love and kindness with which it’s been prepared will pass to you.

Without any boasting the restaurant "Uzbekistan" can be mentioned among the other places that enchant you at first sight, gradually removing the veil from their mysteries, slowly becoming a real treasure. This is a place that you can feel deeply, discover it for yourself, enjoy it and taste it, absorbing all this unique bouquet of emotions, impressions, tastes and pleasures that are brought to you by Uzbek cuisine and by its true treasure – the people. Perhaps, because all above mentioned things are true, the predecessor of this restaurant based in Riga has become one of the most popular and favorite restaurants among residents of Riga and its visitors. The only thing left is to try it for yourself and see for yourself how happy you will become, and that the fantastic journey Jurmala - "Uzbekistan" is still up ahead.

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• Fr.,-Sat. 11:00-24:00
• Sun. 11:00-23:00
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Juicy tomatoes ripened in the heart of the East,
served with pepper that burns with passion

The most popular Uzbek meal, first course featuring rice,
lamb, and spices in a kazan pot prepared according
to the Uzbek traditions

in lamb cover

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Address:48 Jomas str., Majori, Jurmala
Phone:+371 27042320
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