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Restaurant Uzbekistāna

restaurant Uzbekistana

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It’s almost impossible to describe all that oriental beauty which is сcombined in all four rooms of the restaurant Uzbekistana. At the birth of this restaurant our primary goal was to create a place, which would attract the Latvian intelligencia, gourmets and families alike, so that the patrons would realise that this place is accessible for anyone!

  restaurant Uzbekistana

It is the restaurant, where food is cooked from natural products and is served in accordance with the ancient traditions, but the fresh bread is baked in a special tandir oven, which was delivered from Uzbekistan.

A combination of the vivid colours and natural materials – is the simplest way of describing the interior design of the restaurant Uzbekistana. All interior decoration items are brought from Asia, like woven carpets, and the antique statuettes and tableware bearing the original Uzbek symbolic, not to mention the interior design items created by modern artists.

In the restaurant the shashlik is served over hot coals in a special grill, thus keeping a meal warm throughout a meal. All food is prepared from natural ingredients. In their turn, all herbs are brought from Uzbekistan.

A list of all restaurant special features is endless. One can mention the canary bird, who is singing especially sweet, when Uzbek delicacies are brought in, whereas the special atmosphere of the restaurant would surely have deserved appraisal from the renowned poet Omar Hajam. But better still is to come in person and enjoy the hospital atmosphere of the restaurant– 33 Bruninieku Street, Riga.

• 10.00 - 23.00
  Fridays and Saturdays -
  till the last customer.
• Banquets
• Free Wi-Fi
• Table reservation
• Take away
• Restaurant – 65
• Terrace - 30

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Juicy tomatoes ripened in the heart of the East,
served with pepper that burns with passion

Uzbek Pilaf
The most popular Uzbek meal, first course
featuring rice, lamb, and spices in a kazan pot prepared
according to the Uzbek traditions

River Trout
Roasted on coal, served with Tartar sauce

Logo Restaurant Uzbekistāna
Address:33 Bruninieku Street, Riga.
Phone:+371 2 2323577
Site:home page

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